35+Pastel almond nails upgrade your looks in the summer holiday of 2021

Dislike coffin nails and square nails, Pastel almond nails are one of the most popular type A. This is because the soft tapered finish is super flattering, giving each finger a feminine, sexy and charming look. While making your Pastel almond nails bed look slimmer, almond nails are also more practical than sharp mountain nails and exaggerated coffin nails. Even better, they are the perfect canvas for all kinds of nail polish colors, patterns, and designs. So, if you want to change your manicure, don’t look again!

Get inspiration from the world around you and do a natural-themed manicure. If your house is full of green leaves, why not paint your nails in a similar color? Almond-shaped nails give you enough workspace so that you can be more meticulous and creative. White nails with leaf characteristics are a popular trend in this trend. It is more suitable for spring and summer. When you bask in bronze, the light colors in this design look charming.

Since our childhood sheet stickers, DingTalk has developed a lot. Those who want to try almond nails but do not want to use acrylic materials should try the force version. This is also an excellent way to test different trends-just like transparent design-before your claws are filled. Finally, if one of your acrylic resin is broken and you can’t make an appointment in the salon, pressing your nails is a quick and easy way to fix it!

The colorful nail designs like a rainbow in summer vacation 2021

Pastel has always been one of the main trends of nail art for obvious reasons. It makes your fingers look stylish, low-key, and artistic, and also popular in photos. You can try the marble pattern on one or two fingers because this pattern matches many different colors. If you have courage, do a marble manicure!

Because the shape of the almond nail is very long, you can put words and information on it, not just letters or initial letters. Most importantly, you can customize this trend to suit your style; Some people choose street-style nail art, full of attitude. At the same time, others will use soft and beautiful information on special occasions, such as their weddings or engagement parties. The choice is yours.

The colorful nail designs like a rainbow in summer vacation 2021