45 Best shoulder length thick hair with layers for women

One disadvantage of shoulder length thick hair with layers is its singular nature. We mean that thick hair can look fake and unnatural if it’s not styled correctly. That’s why showing the ends and giving them a dynamic feel is very flattering for thick hair. Instead of cutting one length, cut the top hair shorter and then longer at the neck to give your mid-length hair more vibrancy.

How to take care of shoulder length thick hair with layers in 2022?

Pay special attention to your natural curls when styling medium to thick hair. Be meticulous about results. You need smooth hair because thick hair ends often look dry and ugly. Most conditioners will do the trick. You can use any styling tool you want, depending on the specific texture you want to achieve. One nuance to keep in mind in this relationship is to use a strong hold product because, with a weaker degree of hold, your hairstyle won’t last as long as you want.

Coloristic Solutions

When you dye your hair, the main goal you should aim for is the feeling of movement. Balayage and ombre techniques help achieve the desired effect. Smooth transitions of similar shades add dimension, movement, and lightness to your thick hair.

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Sensational Medium Length Haircut

Whether straight or curly, traditional bobs, leprechauns, and tousled heads are great for thick hair. Here are some hairstyles for medium and thick hair. These ideas showcase beautiful shapes, geometric lines, varied textures, and a rainbow of intricate colors for thick hair.


Best shoulder length thick hair with layers