How to get summer holographic nails for your summer prom 2021

From Unicorn-inspired Frappuccino to unicorn-inspired eye shadow, everything about unicorns continues to dominate. Now it’s time to try summer holographic nails. There are many explanations for this word, but all the answers are equally excellent (some are even not difficult to understand). After all, who doesn’t like fairy tale holographic nails? After all, if it is good enough for unicorns, it is good enough for us.

So, from high-impact Chrome to delicate rainbow colors, continue reading some great summer holographic nails ready to turn your nails into your little rainbow. Many great holographic nail polish shadows, not to mention holographic powder, stickers, tape-fluffy clouds, and Rainbow Sky, are the limit!

Dislike french fade nails, When you look down at your hands or glance at your nails, you will be fascinated by exceptional nail polish or design symbols. This is the beauty of holographic nails. This shiny nail polish trend makes you look different-even you can easily do it at home. Next, we will analyze the popular trend of holographic nail polish and share how to paint nails with holographic nail polish. such as summer holographic nails with coffin shape, almond shape, round shape.

Holographic nails design for your summer holiday 2021

For conventional glazing, you need to apply sticky primer and stain-free topcoat to the surface. Gently rub the powder on the pressing die. Wait until the background color is completely dry. Apply tacky primer and wait until it dries (about one or two minutes). Print powder on nails, remove excess dust from the skin, and then seal with stain-free surface coating. Alternatively, you can also powder on your nails.All powders and pigments have different structures and finishes, so the exact weight of powders and pigments will look different in volume. The content is filled by weight rather than volume. This container looks only half full.

Matching with brilliant Polish: We recommend using dark (Black is best) bright Polish as the background color. Before using our powder, you need to apply a layer of paint to the background color. Once the surface coating is cured and dried, use a sponge stick to scoop up some powder and start to apply firmly on the top of your nails until your nails look chrome plated. When you reach your desired gloss level, apply another layer and cure for the last time.

Holographic nails design for your summer holiday 2021