Nails Color / Summer green nails for your summer new nail style color choice 2021

When we think of summer green nails, we think of red and gold nail polish. These sunglasses are the most traditional and classic and have reasons: eternal and elegant. However, this year, we want to make some changes. We are interested in summer green nails to blend into another most popular color this season: Green. Because whether it is mint, emerald, or olive green, green nail art has the same festive atmosphere as traditional red and is fresher and more unexpected. Continue to scroll through our 22 favorite designs on Instagram. These will inspire you to go to the salon.

This asymmetrical nail design looks like a modern work of art. We like the complementary combination of two shades of green. If you want to remodel yourself, the best way is to apply a light green background color, and after the hair is dry, dip lime green with an ultra-thin striped brush. Innovation will always surprise you, and so will nail art designs. In the new year, use some bold and popular nail polish colors. This sounds great. Green nail polish must be on the list, from soft green to dark green. There are many variants. You can use your unlimited creativity to do green nail design. We have also collected a variety of green nail ideas that you will want to try to inspire your next manicure.

We firmly believe that nothing is more suitable for this Christmas season than dark green plaid nails. Red, Gold, and Silver lines make them more festive (and they look comfortable, don’t they?) The background color is green, and the thin lines of the plaid pattern color are used as the top. You will look at green coffin nails, almond nails, round nails, and so on.

Coffin nails with the color green make your summer graduation prom more pretty

The design of this coffin is eye-catching and straightforward, which is what the holiday manicure needs, right? It will also make long nails look longer, especially if they are filled in sharp almond shapes. And, to get the matte effect, use a layer of matte top coat to finish your makeup, just like Sally Hansen’s extensive matte ultimate coat nail treatment.

If your fingers like light green, choose this marble nail, a chic and charming nail art. It looks like a real sandstone gem. If you want to learn how to attach marble to your nails at home, use these impressive palm leaf to upgrade the green nails. You can get this pair of bright and dynamic palms.

Coffin nails with the color green make your summer graduation prom more pretty