Spring nail trends: Attractive butterfly nails design ideas for 2021!

Butterfly is perhaps the most beautiful and wonderful animal on our planet, which become many women’s favorite. No matter where they are used, they will form a beautiful and eye-catching design. It may be the mark on clothes or barrettes. Butterfly nail art design is becoming more and more popular. Butterfly nail art design is a favorite of many women and has been completed in many creative ways. You also have butterfly stickers that can keep your nails. Now, it is very easy to create butterfly nail art designs with the help of many different nail polishes. Today we’ve collected more than 40 beautiful butterfly coffin nails for you inspiration!

Pretty Flower nails design for nail trend in Spring and Summer !

Look, we get that flower nail designs are nothing new . but after months away from the salon, any nail art feels like the freshest thing on the planet. Paired with the fact that floral nail art is usually reserved for the warmer months, opting for some right now actually feels unexpected—even edgy, depending on the kind of design you go for, since there are more ways to wear flowers on your nails than ever.

Spring nails –Trendy short almond nails design you’ll love to try!

what is the impression of the short almond nails ?cute ,elegant,or wild?the first impression that sees the almond nail is full of ‘feminine taste’,fine long ,draw a person to move unease ,are those still your thoughts?That’s not true. Almond nails can show everyone’s personality. Almond nails are often preferred by women who have modern, exceptional taste. Such women value quality and hate everything vintage or out-of-date.short almond nails can often better play a rule that show a person’s character especially.

45 Natural short square nails design for spring nail trends 2021!

Square nails are the basic shape of classic French nail art. The nails of this shape are straight on both sides and sharp on the corners .short square nails is suitable for relatively strong women. Square nails are suitable for nails with longer nails and larger nails of nail art bed.square nails can narrow the nails visually, making the fingers more slender. And short square nail shape becomes one of the most popular nail shape for spring nail!