Stunning Modern French tip nails in almond shaped for girl

French tip nails in almond-shaped, the most popular style, is the natural look of nails. French tip nails date back to the 18th century, its traditional basic nail design until now, As the expert meo knows, there are some nail shapes proportional to length and proportions. Nowadays, you can ask your manicurists to turn your nail files into something more than a square or an oval. You can try a coffin-shaped nail, long and spectacular, and the tip is square. You can also try the nails in the shape of thin heels, pinned on the heel of an iconic shoe.

However, our favorite form of the unconventional nail is almonds, where the curved horny bed crashes down to a small circular point at the tip of the nails. Like the coffin and thin heels, this shape is both charming, more subtle, and delicate. Think of almonds as the shape of a brick-level nail. We are done listening to each other. Like glamorous but down-to-earth, this nail shape is charming and durable. Do you see what we have done? If you keep turning to see the excellent design of 29 almond nails, you will realize that you want to book the salon as soon as possible.

The Classic French nails

Traditional French horns look natural on nails, with light varnishes and white screams shaped like moon teeth, but this classic natural French horn look is still unique, so let’s choose the best French horn image for the traditional French horns!

Classic horns are known worldwide—women just like its simplicity – white lines, bare base. But let’s try to be a little more energetic. Add color to the French nails and make the horns more vibrant. Just think of the good examples of colored nails in France: from soft tones, from rainbow stripes to drills and squares.

Nail Colors

Short nails look beautiful and elegant. You depict them as trendy this summer, mixing all the light colors. French horns have never looked so attractive. Nails are gorgeous, but many women don’t like wearing their nails at work or on other official occasions. If you agree, we have something you want: French neon tickets.

Blue french tips nails for Days

From the thick flash of the 70s to the blue color of the 60s. The color makes the nails (and then the fingers) appear longer. It is just a small tip from a person who often uses nude color polishes to make their short, rough fingers look slimmer. French almond sharp amiga, suitable in summer, light purple, and brilliant white, put on this French circular sheet that will make you happy!

Neutral Leopard Print

The neutral brown-colored lineages on this leopard’s design are super trendy. French-style mixed with pink lacquer and white almond-shaped nails, and with dazzling diamonds on the middle nails to get the most beautiful creation of white and different colored nails, as you can see here!

Pressed disniy

These nails’ shape is located between the oval and the almond, but it doesn’t matter because we can’t take our eyes off those beautiful floral details. Here you can find different French nail art designs, with different shapes and colors, trendy French nails and different colors, bare French nails, flash French nails, and short head French nail design for short nails and French nails at head held high. This type of modern French nail is bright, and I like the combination of spearmint and black at the tip, and the coffin-shaped rest is bare.

Dot French Tips Nails

Everyone likes a round set of phototherapy nails. Ring nails are easy to do. Anyone who has the time and desire to do it alone can reproduce a variety of nail tonics. We have designed some popular nail artworks for you. You can try these classic photonics eternal nails. If you are a poet, I am sure you will like this series.

Morden’s nails