Summer Nails / How to keep glitter nails when summer vacation coming

Glitter nails are more festive and exciting. Glitter is the color of nail polish that everyone likes. The glitz of your fingertips will make you smile. Are you going to a party? Go to the beach? Sit on the sofa and watch Will and Grace while eating hemp sticks until you feel better about the world? Sequined nails are trendy on any occasion! Honestly, have bright nails ever been unpopular? We don’t think so. But if we have, we are also glad that we don’t remember.
Obtaining the appearance in this gallery may require some special tools and techniques. You need a layer of Primer; Polish your favorite glitter.

If you like the trend of gradient color, you can apply a layer of sequins with your bare hands or apply each layer with a makeup sponge. If you like delicate nail art or French tips, buy some nail beauty adhesive tape. It will make you have a clear line anywhere you want, and the unique adhesive will not mess up the polishing layer below. If you’re going to draw a complete nail, you can only apply a transparent primer and roll the pin in before the nail polish is dry. If you want more dust instead of full coverage, you can sprinkle it on wet nail polish. You can also draw precise lines with nail glue bring.

Do you know there is another magic place for glitter nail polish? It doesn’t fall off like ordinary nail polish. This is correct. It sparkles and cannot be defeated, just like you. Let’s start wiping!

Square nails design with glitter decoration upgrade your looks in summer 2021

glitter nail polish idea that you can easily do at home. Thumb, index finger, and ring finger are all painted with quite a deep chestnut color. The little finger and middle finger are coated with rose-colored bright nail polish, and the middle finger is covered with the second layer of rainbow-colored hexagonal bright nail polish as the surface layer. Simple!

If you are one of those ladies who like to try bold, different nail art designs, this is an exciting challenge. such as square nails and almond nails The background color is bright green. Flash powder with a rainbow color finish creates a prism color, and the effect is unique. This is a very creative manicure, which can make you memorable on special occasions or just for fun!

Square nails design with glitter decoration upgrade your looks in summer 2021