43 Best Trendy French Fade Nails Make You Like A Queen!

“French Fade,” also known as the “baby boom generation,” is a classic french nail art design. For those who don’t want something complicated or flashy, this is the best way. Now, you must have heard of ombré hair. What about french fade nails? Yes, you can also ombré your nails. But if bold gradient colors are a little too much for you, don’t be afraid! This is an exciting and fresh change to the traditional French manicure. The “French Ombré” trend has swept Instagram, and we are overwhelmed. Like the French manicure, the French ombré manicure also consists of neutral pink, white and nude colors. But unlike the traditional white nib, the French ombre uses a natural fade element. The result is a gorgeous, feminine, modern twist and a true classic. You may have heard of this trend called “baby boom manicure.” The origin of this nickname is unclear, but there are rumors that it is because, during the baby boom period of 1946-1964, many women painted their nails pink or white. Below are 18 of our favorite French nail shadows on Instagram.

Spring nails –Trendy short almond nails design you’ll love to try!

what is the impression of the short almond nails ?cute ,elegant,or wild?the first impression that sees the almond nail is full of ‘feminine taste’,fine long ,draw a person to move unease ,are those still your thoughts?That’s not true. Almond nails can show everyone’s personality. Almond nails are often preferred by women who have modern, exceptional taste. Such women value quality and hate everything vintage or out-of-date.short almond nails can often better play a rule that show a person’s character especially.