Summer coffin nails inspiration | Fresh Nail Art Ideas From Manicurists Around the World

Let these talented manicurists use their interesting skills and fascinating Summer coffin nails inspiration to bring the charm of their hometown right to your fingertips. Through various Summer coffin nail inspiration designs from different nail artists, you can understand the nail art trend in a city. Suppose you see something popular on Instagram or something similar to your style. In that case, you can try to recreate it wherever you are. With bright polish and superfine nail brushes, you can bring the design to your fingers as you roll through their feed. Do you want to go to Moscow, Berlin, Melbourne or even London? We collected the works of 35 manicures from around the world. We asked how their hometown inspired their creativity and what kind of nail art realm they live in. You will be surprised to find that city-colored nail art is new, not a normal part of self-expression.